December 2, 2023


Terms & Conditions for providing Recruitment & Consultancy Services by Sachin Consultancy:-

1 Our professional fee for each consultant will be 750/- and 1st 15 days salary after the appointment.

2. The Consultant shall submit invoice after 30 days with the list of candidates joined through our source along with relevant professional fees. The Consulting Fee shall be paid within 45 days from the date of selection of candidate.

3. If he/she is interested to apply for the job they have to send resume to my team( Our team can take first telephonic round and if candidate is suitable for our reliable option then we can suggest any company.

4. When candidate is going for the interview then its compulsory they have to mention our consultancy name on his/her resume so company can easily aware.

5. If any candidate is selected by our references and recommendations, he/she has to inform and endorse a copy of the appointment letter immediately to us for our record otherwise directly inform to our team or any concern person from Sachin Consultancy.

No Change can be made to these Terms & Conditions without agreement of parties. Any Amendments will be confirmed by the consultant, in writing if its need.

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